The lands of the Marrucini

An itinerary to discover the beautiful province of Chieti starting right from the chief town (the oldest town in Abruzzo and among the oldest in Italy). A place steeped in history, it enjoys the presence of numerous castles and churches of rare beauty. From here you go to the most suggestive landscapes of the province, up to the Sorgente delle Acquevive, one of the must-see places in the region.

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Aragonese Castle

Largo Castello, 3, 66026, Ortona (CH)

9 7

Ducal Castle of Crecchio

Corso Umberto I, 66014, Crecchio (CH)

15 5

Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Maggiore

Piazza S. Maria Maggiore, 1, 66016, Guardiagrele (CH)

3 3

San Giovanni Waterfalls

Bocca di Valle, 66016, Guardiagrele (CH)

1 2

Balzolo Pennapiedimonte

Sentiero Balzolo-Linaro-Madonna Delle Sorgenti (G2), 66010, Pennapiedimonte (CH)

1 2

The San Martino Gorge

, 66015, Fara San Martino (CH)

1 0

AcqueVive\Grotte del Cavallone

SS84, 27, 66018, Palena (CH)

0 0