Discovering the Frentani

The Frentani were an ancient Italic Oscan speaking people settled on the central Adriatic coastal region, between the mouths of the Sangro and Biferno rivers, closely akin to the Samnites, in present-day south-eastern Abruzzo and in the lower Molise. In this journey, history, art and nature intertwine in another corner of Abruzzo to be discovered.

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Church of Santa Maria Maggiore

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 66034, Lanciano (CH)

9 8

Regional Natural Park Lake Serranella

Contrada Brecciaio, 2, 66037, Sant'Eusanio del Sangro (CH)

1 1

Roccascalegna Medieval Castle

Piazza Umberto I, 66040, Roccascalegna (CH)

1 0

Village of Villa Santa Maria

, 66047, Villa Santa Maria (CH)

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Lake Bomba

Via del Lago, 66047, Villa Santa Maria (CH)

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Village of Quadri

, 66040, Quadri (CH)

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