Church of Santa Maria Propezzano

Strada Provinciale 22c, 64020, Notaresco (TE) Start navigator

The church of Santa Maria di Propezzano, with the adjacent monastery, was part of the abbey of the same name and belonged to the Benedictine order. The monastery developed at the same time as other important abbeys the Teramo valley, like San Salvatore in Canzano and San Clemente al Vomano. The roots of the name “Propezzano” may be connected to that of the Virgin who propitiated on behalf of the poor, after whom the church is named. Tradition has it that the church was built following a miracle performed here by Our Lady on 10 May 715. Although no Medieval sources have been found and the abbey’s records lost, the story of the miraculous event has survived thanks to a long, fifteenth-century frescoed inscription still partly visible today on remaining sections of plaster, in the wall above the portal entrance, painted at the behest of Atri’s Canon Andrea Cerone.

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