The Shrine of Madonna d’Appari

SS17bis Paganica, 67100, L'Aquila (AQ) Average tour time: 30 minuti Start navigator

The Madonna d’Appari shrine is found just outside Paganica, and was declared a national monument in 1902. The shrine was built in the thirteenth century after a local woman – shepherdess who took her flock there every day – alleged she had a vision of Our Lady of Sorrows, with the Dead Christ in Her lap. The monument was built in stages: initially local people erected a small votive shrine and slowly built the construction seen today, completed between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. In 1999, it underwent major restoration, with particular attention to interior frescoes. Like much of the artistic heritage of L’Aquila, the shrine was badly damaged by the 2009 earthquake, but was later subjected to further restoration work to make it safe, and reopened to the public in 2011. 

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